We produce wines with heart and soul, not ones that are “slick and suave”, creamy and flat, overlaid with sweetness.

No, we want wines which are innovative and very refined “with a bite”.

With the wine-making we focus on traditional methods and on mash fermentation with a long resting time. Our wine quality is created on the vine and not teased out through technical refinements as is often the case in other wineries nowadays.

With us, concentration is achieved with the pruning shears by thinning out in order to get a minimal harvest and not by using technical systems. In that way, the differences in vintage become perceptible and can be tasted. That is what good wine is all about.

We reject the standardisation of wines, whether with concentration or the use of chips (i.e. wood chips).

The time factor plays a decisive role in our philosophy.

Our long-established experience shows that wines that are made carefully and which are given a lot of time for their development always turn out best.

We now stand at the very threshold of a development which must continually be strengthened. Here, too, the time factor plays a decisive role. Wine consists of more than just two dimensions. Time is perhaps the most misunderstood side of this cultural beverage.

Wine needs time – time for fermentation, time for nurturing, time for maturing, time to unfold itself in the glass.

Only many years of repose in the cellar let the tannins in red wine as well as the extract and acidity of a great dry white wine become velvety and smooth. However, that does not mean that one cannot enjoy wines that are still young.

Unfortunately, this element, this dimension of wine is not adequately taken into account (especially by us Swabians) in these times of rapid change. People want to be able to taste the fruits of investment – here and now.

It is our desire to convey our enthusiasm for wine, its production and its enjoyment to our customers.

That is our ambition!