Gravity flow winery

The concept of the gentlest processing of the grapes and the steps of winemaking, together with low energy and sustainability are an expression of our philosophy and were successfully implemented in this gravity flow winery, which was completed in 2012.

The new building makes use of the topography and its shape follows the function, and as it is half built into the slope, the wine can follow gravitation down four levels.

In the first phase of wine production there are no pumps whatsoever. At the beginning, the sediments contained in all grape must are still very coarse and deposit very easily.

The sediments are crushed with each pumping process and these solids would afterwards have to be clarified with a great deal of energy and technology expenditure (filtration). This process does not apply in the young wine stage.

The young wine reaches the barrels only through interconnected containers from one floor to the next and in this way can deposit very well.

As a result, the wine is brought to the bottle after a long storage period in a very gentle way and mostly without filtration.

At the lowest level, the original rock (Stubensandstein) is visible in a geological window and ensures a natural humidity climate in the cellar rooms.

Much importance is attached to sustainability in this building, which lets daylight into each one of its floors.